American author Hal Borland once said that, "April is a promise that May is bound to keep." Indeed, we think April is a time to shore up the basics and get ready for summer, while sneaking in a little fun on the side. With regard to essentials, we've brought in some affordable cotton web belts from Timberland, as well as some fundamental shoe care products from Woodlore and Allen Edmonds. Have trouble finding your belts in the morning? Take a look at the cedar belt spinner - a $7 answer to your problem. 

     With the season for greeting cards and thank-you notes approaching, we've added a new product from Moleskine - mailable kraft, silver, and navy note cards. Think of them as the greeting card's classier cousin. On the fun side, there are two new and unique decks of cards from Mollaspace. One is entirely black and the other is transparent - both might inspire you to get that poker group back together. Finally, we've added some new socks from the spring collection of southern California brand, Richer Poorer.  

      -The Maxton Men Buying Team

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