Loyal Stricklin Aviator Mug - Honey


The Aviator Mug engages the senses. It is not a cold, metal or plastic mug. From the softness and feel of the leather, to its smell, the way it changes with use and age, and the warmth it embodies, The Aviator Mug invites you to sit and be still for a while, to take in the moment or share it with someone else, and to relax. Even still, it revels in adventure, begging to venture into the world beyond with you, to experience life and brave the elements. Leather and coffee never smelled better

This mug is built for all the drinks ya can well...drink! Made of cowhide produced right here in the United States, secured with brass rivets, and hand-stitched around the versatile mason jar, the Aviator Mug is a must have for any lover of fine goods and coffee. On the Run? Just throw on the lid and toss it in your bag, in your car, and save that sweet nectar for when you're ready. The leather keeps you from burning your hands with hot beverages and completes the tactile sensation your coffee sippin' morning have been missing. Why should your tastebuds have all the fun? Remove Leather to wash. Avoid stretching leather to maintain secure fit.

  • Removeable for Easy Cleaning
  • Mason Jar Included
  • US Sourced Leather
  • Handmade in USA

    Brand: Loyal Stricklin

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