Maxton Men Teak Wood Shaving Soap Bowl | Mens Fine Wet Shave Bowl

  • HEIRLOOM QUALITY | Carved from genuine teak wood, this shaving bowl becomes an old friend the moment you hold it in your hand.
  • BUILDS A RICH FOAM | Transform your shaving soap into a rich, creamy lather by whisking a bit of it with a shaving brush in this perfectly-sized bowl.
  • NATURALLY DURABLE | Genuine teak wood resists bathroom moisture, mildew, and fungus, so nothing will foul your morning routine.
  • SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL | This humble wooden bowl and lid have a genuine wood grain and luster that may well make them the most beautiful thing in your bathroom—beside your clean-shaven face, of course.
  • TIMELESS GIFT | Build your own luxury shaving kit without the boutique markup to make a classy and customized present for the man in your life.


Shaving soap needs a little finesse to build the rich, foamy lather that makes a classic wet shave so smooth. Use a shaving brush and this bowl to whisk your favorite shaving bar into a wonderful protective foam. The natural teak wood sits in your hand with just the right heft and grip, even when your hands are wet. And hey, this is wood, not ceramic, so dropping it is no big deal. Don't worry about the effects of soap and water on this bowl; teak wood has outstanding water resistance. So long as you dry it off eventually, this bowl will stand up to years of daily use.

Directions: Scrape, shave, or brush a small pile of soap shavings into bowl along with a small splash of warm water. Whisk mixture in bowl with a shaving brush until a rich lather forms. Experiment with more or less soap to find the right consistency for you. Apply lather to wet face and shave normally. After shaving, rinse remaining soap from bowl and wipe dry. Bowl is naturally water-resistant. For years of durability, do not store bowl in standing water or shut lid with water inside.

Brand: Maxton Men

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