Mr Natty Face Forest Soap Beard Shampoo


Mr Natty (aka Matt Raine) is the top U.K. barber to royals, ragtaggle, and rogues. He only makes pop-up appearances, so you'll have to book far in advance for a seat in his barber chair. The next best thing is Mr Natty's own superior hair care and shaving products. Mr Natty is often asked "Should I use soap or shampoo on my beard?" Hmm... It's a conundrum. There's skin!  There's hair! Both together! ON YOUR FACE! The answer? Just use the Mr Natty Face Forest Soap(FFS) beard shampoo. No man needs confusion in his life - especially in the shower. The FFS takes care of both the skin and the beard. 

  • Made in England

Brand: Mr Natty

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