Ask Max

Getting Elected September 30 2011

                             Max, I've always had a dream of being mayor of my city, or maybe even governor. I'm a decent-looking guy with a solid educational background (lawyer). I just don't even know where to start if I wanted to run for mayor in four years.  -Yearning for Power Yearning, You’ve got three options: the Tony Montana route,...

The Official Men's Halloween Costume Rankings October 23 2011

  Halloween: the one night a year when girls can look down on each other for not dressing like a slut. But take care lads, for the transformation of those who indulge on All Hallow’s Eve is deeper than mere superficial adornment.  The psychological effect of casting off mainstream dress norms is profound. When we dress professionally, we act more professionally. That is a psychological fact. The converse is also...

Can a Girl Ask Out a Guy? September 30 2011


I’m a 24 year old girl, and I am SICK and TIRED of having to wait for a guy to call after I give him my number!! If I meet a guy, like him, and trade numbers with him, what’s wrong with me calling and asking a him out on a date before he calls me?! :( 

-Frustrated by the Phone


First Trip to Africa October 11 2011


I'm traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa for the first time this December. My buddies and I are planning on traveling through a few different countries there, and I don't want to seem like a wuss to them, but I'm pretty worried about safety. The only other place I've traveled outside the U.S. was Europe. What precautions should I take when traveling in third world countries?

-Jus' trying to stay alive

Buy Her a Drink? September 25 2011


Last week I was at a bar with some friends after work and saw a really cute girl. She was exactly my type. I wanted to talk to her, but I always have trouble figuring out the best way to do it since I don't want to come across as creepy or weird. My dad says there’s nothing wrong with the ol’ tried and true method of asking her if I can buy her a drink, so I’m going to try that next time. What do you think?

-Stumped at the Bar

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