Nobody makes things in America anymore. That's what they tell you. Well, they're wrong. 

Our craftsmen collection represents work from America's finest small workshops. These guys are old -school artisans, and they shape and refine quality products with their hands. They're meticulous & obsessive about getting it just right, for you, the end customer. 

We hope you support them and the great tradition of Made in America. If your shop would like to be featured in The Craftsman Series, e-mail us at team {at} maxtonmen {dot} com.

Old Calgary

Chief Designer: Justin Charlton

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

Charlton named the company based on the warmth of his childhood memories visiting family in Canada. The workshop, based in Florida, produces handcrafted leather & wool goods using ultra-premium materials. 

Blue Order

Chief Designer: Scott Lacy

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

A photographer by trade, Lacy has expanded his line of work to include clocks, coasters, and calendars - all built by hand. His pieces bring new dimension to his striking photographs.  

Craftsman Series Products

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