How to Use Saphir Reno Mat February 20 2014

Saphir is regarded by shoe aficionados worldwide as the leading leather care brand. Their line of products include the Renovateur shoe conditioner, wax polishes, and cream polishes. Keep your fine leather investments in pristine condition with the Saphir Regimen. However, if you're using inferior shoe waxes, you may be doing more harm than good. Built-up waxes harden and crack, leaving your shoes unslightly. Use the Saphir Reno Mat Leather Cleaner for a fresh start. Reno Mat penetrates to strip old waxes and polishes, including resin and silicone, for a clean base to easily apply nourishing products. So how exactly do you use Saphir Reno Mat?


What You'll Need:


Although Saphir Reno Mat is advertised as a leather cleaner, be careful when using this product. It's meant to be used once in a while to remove old inferior waxes or too-dark polishes. Unlike traditional leather cleaners which remove only a few layers of wax, the Reno Mat removes everything. Always spot test in a small area before applying to the entire shoe. Reno Mat can strip the finish from poor-quality shoes. 


1. Prepping Your Shoes

Always start by rough cleaning your shoes. Easily clean your shoes by removing the shoelaces and inserting shoe trees, such as the Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees. Next, brush your shoes with a horse hair brush like the Saphir Horse Hair Brush, back and forth, from heel to toe, to remove any dirt.


2. Using Saphir Reno Mat

Shake your bottle of Saphir Reno Mat, well. Then take a soft cloth, like the Saphir Chamoisine Shoe Polishing Cloth, and tightly wrap it around your index and middle fingers. Next, pour a dime-sized amount of Saphir Reno Mat onto your finger, and start working it on to the shoe in small, circular motions. As soon as you're done cleaning the entire shoe, take a clean and dry soft cloth to polish off any excess product. Then let dry for 15 minutes.


3. Shining and Finishing

Using a clean horsehair brush, brush your shoes to bring it back to its natural shine. Follow up with Saphir Renovateur (Read: How to Use Saphir Renovateur) to restore moisture, then finish with a shoe wax or cream polish.