How to Use Saphir Renovateur September 13 2013

Saphir is the top leather-care company offering products used by high-end designers such as Hermes. Their most popular product is the Saphir Renovateur, a multi-purpose leather cream for cleaning, nourishing, and shining. Use it with a shoe cream and wax, or use it on its own to maintain the look of your finest leather shoes. Made with beeswax, mink oil, and lanolin, Saphir Renovateur leaves a bit of shine with a non-greasy finish. A proper shoe-care routine using Saphir products will keep your footwear lasting for years. We suggest the leading all-in-one leather cream. Here's how to use Saphir Renovateur.


What You'll Need


1. Prepping Your Shoes

Always start by cleaning your pair of shoes. Easily clean and polish your shoes by removing the shoelaces and inserting shoe trees, such as the Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees. Next, brush your shoes with a horse hair brush like the Saphir Horse Hair Brush, back and forth, from heel to toe, to remove any dirt. If needed, take a damp cloth to remove any build-up and dust. Use as little water as possible, and let shoes air dry until completely dry (at least 30 minutes). It's important to dry your shoes at room temperature, as excess heat will dry out and break down your shoes.


2. Using Saphir Renovateur

Because Saphir Renovateur is an all-in-one leather cream, you can clean and polish your shoes at the same time. Take a soft cloth, like the Saphir Chamoisine Shoe Polishing Cloth, and tightly wrap it around your index and middle fingers. Dab into the jar for a dime-size amount of cream, and start working it on to the shoe in a circular motion. Use the Saphir Small Spreading Brush or Saphir Jar Brush for easier access to cleaning narrow areas like the welt. Add more cream as you go along. A little goes a long way. Then let dry for 3 minutes.


3. Polishing and Shining

Using a clean cloth or polishing brush, such as the Saphir Spatula Dauber, buff your shoes until you achieve your desired shine. Saphir Renovateur is neutral so it polishes your shoes while maintaining its color.