The Difference Between Shoe Conditioner, Cream, and Wax September 13 2013

Shoes are the first thing everyone looks at on a man, so it's important to invest in a few pairs of quality shoes. And for the well-dressed or professional man, a pair of leather dress shoes is essential. However, some men forget to take care of their shoes, leaving them with scuffed, cracked and beaten shoes. Extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking good with some care. But with so many shoe-care products such as conditioner, cream, and wax, you're probably scratching your head asking, "What's the difference?" Well Maxton Men is here to break it down for you.


Shoe Conditioner

Leather is just like skin - breathable and flexible. In harsh elements like the cold, rain, and snow, leather dries and hardens. Avoid cracking and keep shoes flexible with shoe conditioner such as the Saphir Renovateur.  Apply it often and generously, especially after cleaning shoes with soap, which will strip moisture from leather. Good shoe conditioner is absorbed and moisturizes, leaving shoes soft and supple.


Shoe Cream

Similar to conditioner, shoe cream, like the Saphir Medaille D'Or Cream, adds moisture to shoes. Unlike conditioner, cream adds a layer to the top of shoes which polishes and adds color. Although it's not as good as shoe wax for restoring color or covering scuffs.


Shoe Wax

Shoe wax, on the other hand, is best for polishing, covering scuffs, and sealing and protecting leather. Many men like the superior shine, but over time shoe wax, unlike moisturizing shoe cream, builds up and dries shoes. Choose a wax, like the Saphir Medaille D'Or Wax, that is closest in color to your shoes, for best results.


There are many 2-in-1 shoe cream and conditioners available, but shoe conditioner is the most moisturizing and can be used in combination with shoe cream or shoe wax. Depending on your preference, you can even use all three shoe-care products. Extend the life of your shoes with good care. Learn how to polish your shoes on our previous post here.