Using a Shaving Brush and Shaving Soap September 27 2011

First, there isn’t anything wrong about using a disposable razor or an electric shaver. Having said that, it is important to realize that simply lathering up some shaving cream with your hands or using an electric razor doesn’t give you the best possible shave. Shaving used to be a relaxing ritual to start the day; nowadays it seems like the least amount of time spent shaving, the better. If you want a shave that is going to leave your skin feeling baby smooth without the usual redness and irritation, the best way to achieve it is by using a shaving brush and shaving soap.

A shaving brush is good for your skin

Using a shaving brush fills your shaving soap with water, what this does is create a thicker lather than you would be able to achieve by just using your hands to spread it out. When you are applying the lather to your face, it removes dry skin cells and softly exfoliates your skin at the same time. Applying shaving cream with your hands doesn’t have the same benefits. When you exfoliate your skin, the risks of ingrown hairs is drastically reduced.

A shaving brush provides a closer shave

Unlike when you use your hands, using a shaving brush actually raises the hairs and makes them a little softer as well. When those little hairs on your face are both raised and soft, you get a much closer and smoother shave without any tug or pull.

Shaving soap benefits

Because shaving soap does not have as many scents added to it like most shaving cream does, shaving soap is generally easier on the skin for those who have a sensitive skin. Good shaving soap provides a thick lather that also offers up more cushion and a smoother, gliding shave. Shaving soap might not be easy to use for beginners, but it has many advantages.

The perfect shave – step by step

  1. Make sure you fill the sink with warm water; you want the water to be hot, but not scalding. Many men prefer to shave after they have gotten out of their warm shower in the morning; it softens up the hairs on their face.
  2.  Make sure you soak your brush in water and ensure it absorbs plenty of water, then turn it upside down and wait till water stops running out of it.
  3. Grab your brush and start swirling it around the top of the soap until you feel the brush has plenty of soap on it. This can take anywhere between 15 or 65 swirls. This comes down to your own personal preference, how thick do you like your lather to be.
  4. Bring the brush across your face, moving up and down. Make sure you lather up all the places you are going to be shaving, across your face and neck. Ultimately, you want to end up with an opaque layer of thick lather that covers the entire area you will be shaving.

Granted, using a shaving brush and shaving soap may seem like more work than simply turning on your electric shaver, but good things in life take time and skill. After the first few times of shaving with both a brush and quality soap, you are never going to settle for a plain shave again.

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