The Maxton Men Guide to Tie Fabrics October 07 2011

The Maxton Men Guide to Tie Fabrics

When you’re buying a new tie, deciding on which fabric to get is one of the most important considerations. Not all ties are the same. Certain fabrics will go better with certain occasions. The right tie is the one that’s going to compliment the rest of your outfit and hit the right note for the occasion. Here’s a little more about each tie fabric so you can decide which one is right for you.

The Wool Tie – Both Casual and Formal, Cold Weather 

Wool has been a natural product favored by man for centuries. Some people assume that all wool has to be scratchy and uncomfortable, but a tiny blend of another material (silk, for our ties) with the wool can remove this problem. One of the benefits of wearing a wool tie is that it is water resistant. If you happen to spill a little bit of your drink on your tie, there is no need to immediately run to the dry cleaners or worse yet, get rid of your tie completely. If you happen to live in a colder area, a wool tie has the great benefit of being an insulator. A wool tie is going to keep your neck warm naturally, almost like a light scarf. Like this navy example, the color on wool ties, is modest, never flashy. Overall, the wool tie provides a classic appearance that can go be both casual and formal.

The Silk Tie – The Standard, Classic, Formal, All seasons 

There is no fabric that can quite replicate the soft sensation of silk running through your hands, almost like water running through your fingers. Silk has been a coveted commodity for centuries, having first been created in China thousands of years ago. Silk has the benefit of providing a radiant and rich color to a tie, helping you stand out in a crowd. Silk ties can be more difficult to clean though. A bad stain or spill on your tie can mean the end of it. Because of the possibility of doing damage some quickly, most men prefer to use silk ties for formal events rather than wearing it throughout the day.

The Cotton Tie – Casual, Relaxed, Playful, Warm Weather

Cotton has been used for a long time, and for neckties it has some impressive benefits. Because cotton is lightweight, a cotton tie is perfect to wear in the spring or summer because it is not going to be overwhelming and provide too much warmth. A cotton tie fits a man who has fun and possesses the courage to experiment with patterns. Cotton has some versatility, but it should be at the top of your list for outdoor, casual events.

The Knit Tie – Modern, Casual, Different 

A nice knit tie is certainly a way to get away from being too conservative than its other counterparts. Especially when it comes to a formal occasion or business, it allows you to bring in an interesting play on texture without going overboard and drawing too much attention to yourself. While men should not wear knit ties all the time, those that wear them are often complimented on them because they are so different from the norm. Knit ties can be used for those men who are worried about being too conservative and still want to infuse a bit of personality into their attire.

Now that you've picked the right tie, don't forget some stainless steel collar stays to keep everything in the right place.